WNY DMR Code plugs

Sometimes code plugs can be challenging. Below is a collection of code plugs that can be used with various radios for use in the Western New York area. These code plugs are examples and should be modified to use your radio id.

TYT MD-380 (Courtesy WNYDMR)
Anytone (Courtesy WNYDMR)
ConnectSystems (Courtesy WNYDMR)

Ailunce HD1 (Courtesy N2CID)
Alinco MD5T (Courtesy N2CID)
Anytone D878 (Courtesy N2CID)
ConnectSystems (Courtesy N2CID)
Hytera PD362 (Courtesy N2CID)
TYT MD380 (Courtesy N2CID)
TYT MD380G (Courtesy N2CID)
Retevis RT3 (Courtesy N2CID)
Motorola SL7550 (Courtesy N2CID)
Motorola XPR4550 (Courtesy N2CID)
Motorola XPR5550e (Courtesy N2CID)
Motorola XPR7550e (Courtesy N2CID)

Anytone D878 (Courtesy N6QIR)

Alinco MD5T (Courtesy N2UGS)
BTECH 6×2 (Courtesy N2UGS)
Radioditty GD77 (Courtesy N2UGS)
Motorola XPR6550 (Courtesy N2UGS)
Motorola XPR6850 (Courtesy N2UGS)
Motorola SL7550 (Courtesy N2UGS)

N0GSG has DMR Contact Manager Software that will interchange data between the different code plugs and radio manufacturers. This is useful when combining code plugs from different radios. It isn’t perfect but it does save some time.